I Hate Rollercoasters, but I’m Living One!

And yet, I am an entrepreneur. That seems a little ridiculous when you think about it because honestly, being an entrepreneur is best described as riding a roller coaster. Except, instead of three minutes of terror filled with highs and lows, it’s (counts fingers… tilts head) oh yes, YEARS!!!

If you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur, here are my top five pros and cons to make you smile (and help you know what you’re getting into)!

PRO # 1

You can say to your friends and family, “I’m an entrepreneur”!

CON # 1

Your friends and family will doubt your sanity...

PRO # 2

You can be your own boss and tell your old boss "toodles"!

CON # 2

You have literally no one to blame for ANY problems except yourself…

PRO # 3

You can finally learn how little sleep you need to survive!

CON # 3

You will actually scare yourself when you pull an all-nighter then look in the mirror the next morning. Sleep exists for a reason people! Beauty sleep is a real thing!!!

PRO # 4

You can do something you love (at least 50% of the time)!

CON # 4

You can doubt yourself, even when following a passion. Get used to it. Doubt is my old friend now – doesn’t have to say much but I know he’ll always be there. It’s cool...

PRO # 5

You really can create the life you want and build your OWN legacy.

CON # 5

The con’s listed above could possibly stop you from doing what you were meant to do if you listen to them.

Final Tip - Don’t EVER stop what you’re meant to do – especially if it is being an entrepreneur. I promise you it will be the ride of your life!