Time for a Change

These last few months have been hard. I mean, really hard. Bad news at the doctors, stress at work, emergency health concerns in my family. My body seems to have reached it’s limit. And that means, pain. Fatigue to the point of straight up exhaustion. Headaches. Fogginess. Nausea. Joint inflammation. Moodiness. Depression. When my body throws in the the towel, my body heaves - Chuck Norris style - the towel.

I am loving the work I get to do with Celiac Cutie but I found myself having the opportunity to be creative there and losing my identity elsewhere. I started an Instagram page for myself years ago to be accountable in my fitness world. Now I look at it and can’t find who I am, what my message is. How do I keep up a fitness page when I can’t move some days?

And so, after posting an obscene amount of doggy photos to fill the gap (you’re welcome!), I am going to be making a change and doing something that I love. Fashion. It lead me to make Barbie clothes when I was six, order Armani catalogs with my allowance when I was ten, travel to Paris to study in my twenties and somehow I think is leading me with Celiac Cutie too. I gave up a few things along the way as I got busier and busier and a lot of it was my personal style. I don’t live in a big city anymore where inspiration occurs from just walking down the street. And to be honest, it’s easy when you’re exhausted to just throw on jeans and a tank over choosing something thoughtfully that’s unique and more special.

Don’t get me wrong, jeans and a tank are definitely a common theme in my wardrobe, but so are outrageous heels, flashy skirts and a few flowy gowns. I want to have fun, to create my own inspiration and to share something that is just as much me as my fitness journey was long before Celiac. I may feel ridiculous, judged and insecure taking pictures around town, but I see these photos and I see me. I see a big smile, a confident woman and someone who is just trying to do the best she can with herself. So, no big announcement - they’ll still be a few workout posts, food here and there (likely vegan, another change), definitely a few puppy posts - but overall a new direction to hold myself accountable. This time not to a workout routine, but to being myself. To continuing to smile, even through the bad days and to embrace the unique, even if it’s wearing a crazy gown on a Tuesday.