Welcome to Meeting Meredith

Have you ever had a really bad day where you just felt off? I have had a lot of those days, but I never really paid attention. I was used to feeling off and everybody always said that I was a little off anyways! 

And then one day I had a blood test for Celiac disease.

Getting the results has changed my life overnight. I went from a "foodie" to a "starvie." I also got pretty cranky pretty fast, just ask my family. So, this is my blog. 

For all of you experts who have figured this diet out, and for all of you newbies like me who are stumbling across blog posts titled, "Why Celiac's are slowly dying," I hope my experiences can help you. Whether you have shared my experiences or just want to laugh at my mishaps. And if you're not suffering from Celiac disease (thank your lucky stars), don't worry, I have some other interests too besides frantically figuring out where my next meal is coming from. 

So here we go, welcome to Meeting Meredith! Sign up and stay a while.