Cucumbers, Are You Serious?


So after meeting with the specialist who read my blood tests and said..... "Oh my, yes," I immediately ventured out into a brave new world of GF. I wasn't terribly thrilled but how bad could it be?

After about two days I was realizing my choices were going to be extremely limited. And I wasn't coping well with constantly being hungry! Regardless, I had a fun day out planned and nothing could stop me!

I was headed to the local aquarium. But first, a snack. I walked in to the center of the attractions area and stopped a few feet back from the food court like options. My eyes rolled past the choices slowly, like an owl scoping out a mouse in the dark. One, two, three passes and nothing jumped out at me. This was going to require a walk by! I inched closer and started the ritual every vendor hates. "No, no samples of crispy unidentifiable tiny bites with toothpicks," I repeated to each. Thank you." 

Enter the cucumber salad. Literally diced up cucumbers with tomatoes, onions and an odd pepper here or there. This was literally the only option. The problem? I hate cucumbers. I detest cucumbers. Words do not exist to share my cucumber feelings. Nevertheless, I order the smallest salad and immediately dump a little Parmesan on top. At first... Then a LOT of Parmesan. (Shake shake shake)... 

I find a seat in the auditorium of plastic benches and tables and give it a try. My boyfriend looks at me with pity while eating his chicken fingers and states, "I have never seen you look sad while eating!" This is the first time I realize my life is not only going to change but this challenge is going to be significantly more than I bargained for. 


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