Cooper's Hawk ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


After a long Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided to head to one of our favorite spots for dinner, Cooper's Hawk. This would be the first time since being diagnosed with Celiac that we'd been back, but I had heard they had extensive options so my hopes were up.  

We settled into our booth and received a regular menu and a gluten free menu. At first I was really excited - the gf menu was multiple pages and included their amazing wines. My favorites are their fruit blends and all of them seemed to be on the list! Next were the appetizers, and quite a few were listed. Unfortunately, it begin to seem that the creators of the menu perhaps thought Celiac sufferers wanted to see pigs suffer too! There were house made chips, with bacon dip. Shrimp wrapped in bacon, salad with fresh made bacon toppings! Being a vegetarian that dapples only into fish territory, I was finding it hard to pick anything. Fortunately, our awesome waitress soon became my advocate and we came up with a chip and guacamole custom order. Staff also brought out a gluten free roll for the table. It was not anything like their scrumptious pretzel roll I remember from days gone by, but it was really nice to have an option.

I ordered the wedge salad which indicated it came with blue cheese, holding the (you guessed it) bacon. I was disappointed when it came out dry, with no dressing whatsoever, and thought it might have been a mistake. Our waitress was quick to check but came back apologetically, indicating a vinegar of some sort was my only option. She brought the whole bottle with an olive oil bottle, a sort of vinegar chaser. "I'm not sure why this salad is even an option if you can't have dressing!" she empathized.

For dinner I ordered a butternut squash pasta which was the first thing of the night that reminded me how outstanding Cooper's Hawk can be. The flavors came together beautifully and I really couldn't have asked for more.


It was definitely a different experience from before Celiac but the night was relaxing with such a cozy environment, exceptional service and eventually, delicious food. If you try Cooper's Hawk, my suggestion is don't get Celiac disease just before your visit. But, if that ship has sailed, don't be afraid to ask for help with your order. The level of service and quality of entrees more than makes up for any lack in options. And if all else fails, get the fruity wine, it still just can't be beat!