Learning about DH


I've had rashes, hives, allergic reactions.... call it what you like.... since I can remember. Now I learn about a thing called


A painful and extremely itchy rash that (according to what I've found) affects 15-20% of people with Celiac disease. "Pick me! Pick me!"

After enjoying a nice night out at California Pizza Kitchen, and agonizing over what to eat, the rash popped up around my ankles the next morning. I had chosen a simple salmon but my boyfriend and I had also ordered sangria. We had researched each ingredient with the help of the waitress and our iPhones but there was one we couldn't identify. A fruit purée. The waitress wasn't sure what brand and the Internet wasn't helpful. Most likely it wasn't a problem but some frozen brands seemed suspect. I decided to risk it. That was stupid.

The next night we were celebrating Valentine's and I made sure to eat as simple as possible. No risks. But then I made out with my boyfriend. 

Funny enough I had just read an article earlier that day about kissing "non gluten free-ers" and the risks to do so right after dinner. "Ha!" I thought. This is getting ridiculous. So I decided to risk it. That was stupid. 


Now, I am a leopard like creature with large patches of blistering spots. My legs, my wrists.... Itchy does this no justice whatsoever. The doctor on call for the weekend says Benadryl and steroids and he's sorry. He knows it's terrible.  

Happy Valentine's Day fellow Celiacs. May your spots be heart shaped and your Valentine be a good scratcher. ❤️