Under The Knife


Alright so technically there was no knife... But I did go under! And I felt the title was lacking a little drama if I just called it,"My Biopsy".

Part of diagnosing Celiac is a biopsy (at least in my case), basically an endoscopy with a few samples snipped for analysis.

I was really not looking forward to it. The procedure itself only takes about fifteen minutes but the prep, paperwork and waking up after took almost the whole day.

I highly recommend, if you find yourself in need of this procedure, you request they NOT wheel you past the room full of tubing that will snake its way into your body. Catching a glimpse of these torture devices hanging from the walls (like neck ties!) was not comforting before being doped into my coma.

Aside from that, the grogginess and feeling a little bloated the procedure itself was far better than I thought. But I did have to take a rest day because I was feeling like I'd been sleep deprived for days, even though I had actually been put into a deep slumber!

And as an added bonus, you get to keep your own set of souvenir photos from your colon! I'm thinking about placing mine in small frames and making a space on the staircase walls. Just another step in learning to accept Celiac. What good fun.