I Work Out

Working out used to be a pretty big thing. I enjoyed it and like 100% of the human race, I needed it. I had a regular exercise routine I followed called the Bikini Body Guide, I'd run for fun and I'd hit the weights with my boyfriend. Then Celiac came into my life, like the four horses of the apocalypse.

Gluten free currently means two thing to me specifically. 1. Finding something to eat out may be so stressful you will choose to just skip a meal altogether. 2. When you do find a meal, your stomach is now so sensitive, you should probably just eat a few bites if you don't want to feel worse. So now, I'm averaging about 800 calories a day and working out equals passing out and occasionally throwing up. It, like eating out, has become infinitely less fun.

But, it is February 20th and this amazing group of women I connected with last summer are having their monthly meet up and I'm determined to go. I intelligently deduce I will need to eat before this workout and select a gluten free bar I've tried before. Should be safe!

It's about 8:30am when it kicks off and I start the first circuit determined to make it through. Burpees to start? I am already questioning this decision. It's not until the second 6 minute circuit that my body has run out of fuel. My muscles feel good but my head is getting light. I try to move slowly, cautiously. I'd prefer not to be on the Instagram wrap up video laying on my mat like a dead opossum. We move to round three. I make a jump and there it is. I've just thrown up - but no one knows. I'm gonna need a sip of water to swallow. Ugh. I am officially the classiest lady here.

We wrap up and miraculously I'm still standing. And even more miraculous, our sponsor for this meetup is Ellie Quark, an amazing GLUTEN FREE yogurt. I may have cried a little as I scarf one down.

The point of my story is this, don't fight your body. If you have just been diagnosed or are for some other reason trying to eat gluten free (to which I would say, are you insane?), things are changing. You won't be able to fight it and from what I hear, it WILL eventually get better. So when you need to take it easy, take it easy. This too shall pass. Now excuse me while I go eat a gf snack bar.


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